Portable Soundproofing Room Dividers

Portable Soundproofing Room Dividers

Stop worrying about the acoustics in your open spaces.


MIO’s portable room dividers are the only way to partition and soundproof open spaces. Our advanced sound absorbing materials reduce ambient noise to a whisper. And thanks to their lightweight, portable design, you can take these soundproofing dividers anywhere. 

Benefits of portable soundproofing room dividers

Quickly separate rooms for increased functionality

Partition shared living spaces, open-floor offices, classrooms, and churches with temporary walls that fit your needs. 

Absorb excess noise for optimal soundproofing 

Volume levels fluctuate in open spaces. Some areas are louder than others, especially with crowds and audio production. 


But with freestanding acoustic room dividers, you can reduce noise levels in certain areas without affecting the volume in a separate space.

Maximize sound design in large, open spaces

Space is meant to be flexible. Your sound should be too. 


Move the portable panels or reconfigure the modules to adapt to changing crowds and volumes. Use them to construct makeshift conference rooms in office spaces or to minimize traffic and reduce ambient noise at trade shows to improve communication.


But they aren't limited to larger spaces. Use multiple panels in a recording studio to improve speech intelligibility and produce clearer sounds.

MIO’s Portable Soundproofing Room Dividers

Portable dividers for all types of flooring

The minimalist bases make it effortless to slide or roll the acoustic on carpet, tile, and hardwood floors. That way you can have on-demand sound control and visual privacy whenever and wherever you need it.

MIO Room Dividers vs. the Other Brands

Just how soundproof are the dividers?

MIO dividers have up to a 0.90 noise reduction coefficient (NRC), providing almost perfect sound absorption. But they don’t just absorb sound waves. With different sizes and layouts, they can be adjusted for NRCs between 0.25 and 0.9, effectively reducing echo, dampening excessive noise, and controlling the volume across large rooms.

Designed with the planet in mind

Like all MIO products, these portable dividers are designed to lower your environmental footprint. Made from recycled materials plastic and aluminum, they bridge the gap between sustainability and functionality.