Decorative Drop Ceiling Tiles

Don’t look up. That industrial ceiling that you so desperately wanted still has its drawbacks – messy wiring, rusting pipes, and dim lighting. 

So instead of staring into an unsightly void any longer, upgrade your space with decorative drop ceiling tiles. 

Benefits of decorative drop ceiling tiles

Cover exposed ductwork and wiring on unfinished ceilings

It turns out that exposed ductwork and wiring aren’t so attractive after all. Not to mention, exposed ceilings are vacuums for natural light.

It’s time to cover up and brighten up your modern work or living space so you can focus on what really matters. 

Quickly install ceilings without any tools

Transform the space above your head without any tools. They’re designed to fit standard 15/16 inch drop ceiling tile grids, meaning you can install them in just minutes. 

Just fold them into shape and slide into the T bar grid – that’s it!

Design impactful spaces with bold geometric patterns

Foldscapes are the quickest way to change the look and feel of your space. With three unique geometric designs, you can design bold accents with captivating patterns and textures.

Foldscapes are available in three unique shapes. 

  • Bloom
  • Crystal
  • Peak

If you’re looking for something truly unique, our custom drop ceiling tiles are tailored to fit your vision. And for added sound control, outfit your tile grids with acoustic ceiling tiles

Why Foldscapes?

They’re the only decorative drop ceiling tiles that matter

Dropped ceilings get a bad reputation among designers, business owners, and homeowners. Foldscapes don’t.

They’re a major upgrade from the boring, speckled patterns found in most dropped ceilings. And they don’t just cover up exposed ceilings, they transform space entirely. 

Easy on the eye and easy on the planet

Made for the modern creative, these sustainable ceiling tiles are easy to fold and install – think origami for your ceiling. They’re made in the US from recycled cardboard, because we champion sustainability without sacrificing functionality.