Drop Ceiling Tiles

Decorative Drop Ceiling Tiles

Cover up wiring, pipes, ductwork, or unsightly finishes with decorative drop ceiling tiles that transform the look, feel, and sound of your room. Design impactful sound clouds and accent ceilings to create captivating patterns and textures in your modern work and living spaces. 

Built for beauty and performance, these are made for the modern creative. They’re easy to install, three-dimensional, and made from locally-sourced, sustainable materials.


Whether you’re looking to hide imperfections, cover damaged ceilings, or improve acoustics, FeltForms and Foldscapes are the solution for any space. Our three-dimensional tiles create bold patterns that diffuse sound, improve sound clarity, and reduce the echo and reverberation in your room. 

Easy to Install

Transforming the space above your head shouldn’t require any tools or special skills. Designed to fit standard 15/16 inch drop ceiling tile grids, these decorative tiles are easy to install in just a few minutes. To install FeltForms, simply lay them into new or existing T bar grids. FoldScapes are shipped flat, ready to fold upon arrival. Just fold into their dimensional shape and place them into the grids. 

Made from Locally-Sourced, Sustainable Materials

Our drop ceiling tiles are made in the US from locally-sourced, sustainable materials like FSC certified recycled cardboard & recycled plastic bottles (rPET) that deliver beauty and acoustics without harming the environment.