How to Divide a Bedroom Into Two Rooms with Room Dividers

How to Divide a Bedroom Into Two Rooms with Room Dividers

There are countless ways to divide a bedroom into two rooms. Perhaps you want to turn one room into two, separate your bed and workspace, or just break up awkward space. And with well-placed room dividers, you can maintain balance and flow while adding privacy and storage space. 

Creative ways to divide the bedroom to maximize functionality

Turn one bedroom into two

If your children share a bedroom, they'll eventually need a space of their own. With limited space and no more rooms for the older kid in the house, room dividers are the way to go. They're easy to move around, offer privacy, and cost less than building a home addition or purchasing a new home.

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They aren't a permanent solution for children's bedrooms, but they'll buy you a few more months or years.

Turn your studio into a one-bedroom

Your studio apartment is practical and budget-friendly. But just because it's small doesn't mean that it can't be stylish. 

Add a room divider at the foot of your bed or edge of the kitchen to separate the sleeping area from the dining room, kitchen, and living room.

Create a nook or coffee corner

Habits like reading, writing, and meditating are critical to self development, but only in the right environment. Set yourself up for success in a quiet corner where you can spend quality personal time without the noise of the outside world. 

Carve out a quiet nook in the corner of your bedroom with dividers to explore your inner self, enjoy a cup of coffee, or simply to relax in peace and quiet. 

Build a true home office

It's difficult to separate work and play, especially if your office doubles as your bedroom. And with hybrid work and “flexible” hours, it's hard to focus.

A divider in your bedroom helps separate the two, allowing you to disconnect both mentally and physically. You can focus during the work day and unwind after hours, ultimately improving your work-life balance. 

 home office in bedroom with room dividers

Study like you're in a library

Students of all ages, especially college students in dorms, struggle with the same issues. It's hard to study or do homework when your bedroom is the living space

Use a divider to create a dedicated study area that eliminates distractions and helps you focus on learning.

Install a makeshift closet or changing room

Smaller rooms usually mean less closet space. But if you have some extra floor space and lots of clothes lying around, consider making your own closet. 

A well-positioned partition can double as a dressing room or closet for extra storage space. Add a basic shelving unit and a full-length mirror for the walk-in closet feel.

Why you should divide the bedroom with room dividers

If your heart is set on breaking up the space, you've probably already weighed the benefits. Just in case you haven't, here are a few good reasons to split your bedroom in two.

You won't have to build a wall

Hiring contractors to build a wall in your home is probably the last thing you or your wallet want. But fortunately, you can plan a renovation without breaking the bank or inconveniencing the family. So instead of spending time and money you'll never get back, build a wall with room dividers that provides both visual and acoustic privacy. Plus, they're easy to set up - no contractors or special tools required.

Don't mix work and play

Separating your work and sleep space will make you more productive during the day and sleep soundly at night. But with limited square footage in other rooms of your home, that's not always an option. 


Room dividers are the solution – a clear visual and acoustic separation between the two spaces. Your new setup will feel as though you're in the office without having to leave home. 

Similarly, your reading nook or self-reflection corner should help you tune out the noise from the outside world for just a bit. A partition provides both physical and mental separation, creating a space for seclusion, privacy and introspection.

Give your kids their own bedrooms

Even though it's still a single room, kids will take pride in having their “own” bedroom and see them as two rooms. Encouraging a strong sense of independence at an early age promotes confidence and self-esteem. 

For an added touch of privacy

Privacy is not much of a concern for most young children. But as kids grow older, they won't be so comfortable changing in the same room as their siblings and begin to seek more privacy and personal sleeping space. Adding a sculptural room divider will provide them the privacy and comfort they seek.

If you're sharing a room with a partner, storage and privacy can be tricky. A partition turned pop-up closet is an easy way to fix this. Leave it up for a more permanent feel or put it away when you need more floor space.

Contain sound to one area

Early morning and late night work meetings can be stressful, especially if your bedroom doubles as a home office. Acoustic dividers will help your partner sleep peacefully on one side while you work on the other. 

Not to mention, a partition will prevent screen light from spreading across the room. 

Divide the room without disrupting the feel

It's hard to find screens that match your interior design. But bedroom aesthetics are crucial. A beautiful bedroom will invite you to truly rest and recharge.

With several color and unlimited customization options, Nomad System Dividers can bridge art and functionality in any bedroom. 

And if you don't want to close off a big bedroom entirely, you can build a sculptural accent to serve as a visual boundary.

They're easy to move

The modules are lightweight and tool-free so they can easily be disassembled, moved, and reconfigured to meet your needs. Quickly set up your home office in the morning to block out distractions and rearrange the modules after work for a more inviting feel that lets your family you're open to socialize. And if you don't want a permanent changing room in your bedroom area, just push the room divider off to the side when not in use.

Make your home more sustainable

As with all MIO Culture products, the dividers are built from sustainable materials like recycled paper and plastic bottles. The process diverts waste from landfills with a minimal environmental footprint. 

Other things to consider

Before you divide your bedroom in two or wall off a small nook or home office, there are a few things you should consider:

Start with why

There are many reasons why you might want to divide a bedroom into two rooms. But before you change things up, consider why.

Are you adding a second bedroom or creating a home office, gym, or meditation area? Consider the functionality and aesthetics of the end goal before making any decisions..

Once you have your “why,” figure out your how. 

Consider the layout

Do you want partial or complete separation? Where will you enter and exit from one space the other? What is the flow of the space and how tall or wide should your room dividers be? 

Consider if you have enough space to create two rooms. Rearrange your furniture accordingly to map things out before making any final decisions. 

Preserve your natural light

The right lighting in your bedroom will create an inviting and comfortable environment. Natural light regulates sleep patterns, increases productivity, and elevates your mood.

For these reasons it's critical that you don't disrupt natural illumination with a poorly-placed screen. Determine which part of your bedroom is best-suited for the partition without obstructing any light. This may involve rearranging the layout, but it will be time well spent. 

If you opt to hang curtains or divide your bedroom another creative way, make sure to keep this in mind too - curtains and decorative screens can block light and disrupt your energy.

Just how much separation?

Room dividers can be used to create new spaces with varying degrees of privacy and sound isolation. Ultimately, you'll have to decide just how much separation is right. 

For children's rooms, completely separate spaces are optimal. Aside from the entryway and gap between the ceiling and the partition, your kids will have complete visual and sound privacy from one another. 

Home offices can be more fluid – a half wall that's four to six feet tall should do the trick. This fluidity will create a discrete separation while maintaining a connection between the office and bedroom. 

If you have a larger bedroom that you are sharing with somebody else, consider splitting the area in half with a full length and height room divider. The access point can be an opening on one end, giving the rooms more depth without the need for doors. 

Whatever your reason is for dividing the bedroom in two, there are plenty of creative ways to do so without sacrificing too much space! And if splitting it up or creating a whole new room is what's needed, you don't have break the bank. Simply build yourself a new room with room dividers.